September 20th, 2012 Newsletter

(courteous of the venerable Neal Chamberlain)

Illini Rotaract will host a cookout starting at 5:30pm on Tuesday, Oct 2nd at the Northwoods Pavilion in Crystal Lake Park.  Several C-U Sunrise Rotarians have already indicated they would attend, including Grillmaster Simpson.

Thoughts and prayers were sent out for Barb Lintner who is recovering from pneumonia.


Mary introduced our speakers/visitors from the Illinois State Archeological Survey (ISAS), Madeleine Evans and Andrew C. Fortier.

Madeleine presented the program, “Archaeological Investigation, Past and Present in East Central Illinois”.  Madeleine described Cahokia Mounds, (near the convergence of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers) a site that has continued to be excavated in search of artifacts.  This is an area which once was a city of approximately 20,000 people.  Much of local artifacts are in the hands of private collectors.  Arrow points which are judged to be 1200 years old (that’s older than Neal) are often found in farmland in Champaign County.

Madeleine described some characteristics of various time periods in which native people were in East Central Illinois:

-Paleoindian period – (15,000 – 13,000 b.c.), Traveled as a group, bands of hunters, migrated.

-Archaic Period – (5,000 – 900 b.c.), Artifacts include wood picks, gourd dippers, wood working tools, dugout canoes.  Locally, the area of Brownfield Woods (big grove on airport road has yielded archaic period artifacts).

-Woodland Period – (900 b.c. -1000 a.d.), Artifacts include large pottery, mounds (approximately 16) of this period are still visible in this area.

-Period of (350 – 800 a.d.), This is the time frame when technology for hunting (and fighting) changed from spears to bow-and-arrow. Corn was not in their diet – not until 400 years later.

Madeleine explained that viewing of the excavations of graves and mounds have become more spiritual and respectful, using photos instead of displaying actual skeletal remains of the natives.

In conversation with Andrew Fortier, he described a game that was played by natives in early historic days.  They rolled a round stone (shaped like a small tire) down a slope.  They would then aim spears at the rolling stone.  The competition was severely competitive – they would bet prized positions – they would bet their family members, children and wives.  Andrew Fortier, who is a Cardinal fan, said they found no evidence of a winning Cubs team in the artifacts. The story above is true, except that thing about the Cubs.

Sept 27th Oct 4th Oct 11th Oct 18th
Introductions Robb Patton Allan Penwell Ed Perry Marsha Reardon
Invocation Paul Conforti Ata Durukan Patrice Grant Bruce Hatfield
Greeters Robb Patton Allan Penwell Ed Perry Marsha Reardon
Alan Chalifoux Neal Chamberlain Reuben Chambers Paul Conforti
Song Leader Kris Young Harold Adams Curt Anderson Oktay Baran
Notetaker Perry Penwell Hodson Lintner

Upcoming Schedule

Sept 27 – Ida Simila, RYE student

Oct 4 – Dr. Jennifer Quirk, Associate Director, Institute of Genomic Biology

Oct 11 – Leah Matchett, ROTEX

Oct 18 – John Groce, Illinois Men’s Basketball Coach

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September 13th, 2012 Newsletter

(notes courteous of the unconventional and unorthodox Paul Conforti)

September 24th: Champaign Club’s Action Auction including tickets to the Illinois v. Purdue football game on November 17. The tickets will be for the Colonnade Club and includes premium parking.

September 29 is the planned CU Sunrise tailgate event (no gloves please) before the Illini take on Penn State in the Big 10 opener.

October 18th meeting we will have Illinois Men’s Varsity Basketball Coach John Groce as our speaker. We will have a larger room and this would be an excellent meeting to bring a guest and/or prospective member.

December 13th is the tentative date for our club’s holiday party.

Mary Hodson announced she would like our club to explore the possibility of adding an international project to aid in her trip to Honduras which is open to all members as a service project.

Paul Harris Fellow: The club will match up to $500 towards any members quest to become a Paul Harris Fellow.

Donors of $1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, or the Humanitarian Grants Program, or people who have that amount contributed in their name, can be recognized as Paul Harris Fellows. Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate and a pin.


There was no program this week.  Instead, President Jeff conducted a club assembly that focused solely on membership.

Sept 20th Sept 27th Oct 4th Oct 11th
Introductions Scott Paceley Robb Patton Allan Penwell Ed Perry
Invocation Reuben Chambers Paul Conforti Ata Durukan Patrice Grant
Greeters Scott Paceley Robb Patton Allan Penwell Ed Perry
Oktay Baran Alan Chalifoux Neal Chamberlain Reuben Chambers
Song Leader Cary Woolard Kris Young Harold Adams Curt Anderson
Notetaker Chamberlain Perry Penwell Hodson

Upcoming Schedule

Sept 20 – Madeline Evans and Evan Fortier, Illinois State Archaeological Survey

Sept 27 – Ida Simila, RYE student

Oct 4 – Dr. Jennifer Quirk, Associate Director, Institute of Genomic Biology

Oct 11 – Leah Matchett, ROTEX

Oct 18 – John Groce, Illinois Men’s Basketball Coach

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Then September 24th would be a good day to attend the Champaign Rotary Club’s noon meeting at Hawthorn Suites in Champaign. The club is auctioning off two tickets in the Colonnades Club PLUS a premium parking pass for the Illinois vs. Purdue game on November 17. (more…)

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Visit from Meltem Onay from the Konak Rotary Club

President Jeff Van Buren exchanged club flags with Meltem Onay from the Konak Rotary Club in Izmir, Turkey.  Dr. Onay is a professor at Celal Bayar University and will be spending several months here as a visiting scholar in the University of Illinois’s School of Business.

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September 6th, 2012 Newsletter


September 13 will be a Club Assembly.  The focus will be on Membership.  Please bring the names of two prospective members.

The 2012 – 2013 District 6490 Annual Membership/ Foundation/ New Generations Seminars are as follows:

*September 25 – Champaign-Urbana: Carle Forum (6:30pm) 611 W Park St, Urbana, IL 61801

*September 26 – Effingham: Lake Land College – Kluthe Center, 1204 Network Centre

Blvd., Effingham, IL 62401 Located off I-57 at Exit 162 (217) 540-3555 (6:00pm)

*September 27 – Bloomington-Normal: Heartland Community Center, 1500 W. Raab Road, Normal, Jon Astroth Education Building (6:00pm)

For more information and registration see the District Website,

Are you interested in being a book mentor?  Book mentoring entails reading and doing an activity with preschoolers once a month for about a half hour in October, November, December, February, March, and April at a Headstart or Early Childhood facility.  There will be a WILL Young Learners book mentor training for all new and old volunteers at several times and places the week of September 24th.  Please contact Molly Delaney at if you have not yet signed up for a training session.  We will learn about the new format for our visits this year.

Gary Olsen reported that Shelter Box is in New Orleans aiding in the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac and is also engaged in 8 other disaster relief efforts around the world.

President Jeff exchanged club flags with Meltem Onay from the Konak Rotary Club in Izmir, Turkey.  She is a visiting professor and will join us for a few months.


Scott Burnsmeir, Assistant Governor for Area 6 of District 6490 and the Co-Director for New Generations presented a program on the four areas of youth outreach.  Rachel Miller and Susanna Storms from the Illini Rotaract Club accompanied him.  Also attending our meeting was Leah Matchett who belongs to Rotex, a group of former Rotary Exchange Students who assist the program.

Rotary sponsors 4 areas in which youth can become part of Rotary, a service organization which can change the face of the world.  First, Rotaract for youth 18-30 years of age is made up largely of college youth. There are about 300 clubs in the United States.  Illini Rotaract Club at the University of Illinois is one of those.  You can see what they are doing on their Facebook Page.  Club leaders Susanna and Rachel are interested in partnering with local clubs for service opportunities.

Second, Early Act is a club designed for 6 – 12 year olds in elementary schools.  It has been suggested by some reputable club members that Dave Krchak and his wide array of jokes would work wonders with this age group.  Go get ’em Dave!

Third, Interact is for youth from 13 to 17 years of age.  There are many Interact clubs in the district including the one CU Sunrise sponsors with Savoy at Central High School.  Scott helped start a club in Monticello seven years ago.  It started with 20-25 kids and in spite of ups and downs now has an active Rotarian at the helm, a school councilor, an involved administrator who is also a Rotarian, and 236 active members in a high school with 567 total students.

The fourth area is RYLA, a team building opportunity.  CU Sunrise and other District 6490 clubs select participants and sponsor RYLA financially at Allerton Park each year in April.

It takes partnership, the ability to believe in positive outcomes, outreach, and good communication to make all these projects work.  But the goal is worth it.  By becoming involved in New Generations as Rotary Clubs we can “pay it forward” to develop the next set of Rotary Leaders and change the face of the world.

Sept 13th Sept 20th Sept 27th Oct 4th
Introductions Gary Olsen Scott Paceley Robb Patton Allan Penwell
Invocation Neal Chamberlain Reuben Chambers Paul Conforti Ata Durukan
Greeters Gary Olsen Scott Paceley Robb Patton Allan Penwell
Curt Anderson Oktay Baran Alan Chalifoux Neal Chamberlain
Song Leader Lou Simpson Cary Woolard Kris Young Coletta Ackermann
Notetaker Conforti Chamberlain Perry Penwell

Upcoming Meetings

Sept 13th – Club Assembly on Membership

Sept 20 – Madeline Evans and Evan Fortier, Illinois State Archaeological Survey

Oct 18 – John Groce, Illinois Men’s Basketball Coach

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ShelterBox Update on Hurricane Isaac

As I’m sure you’ve seen from news reports, Hurricane Isaac caused major flooding and other issues for Louisiana and Mississippi. In  response, ShelterBox Response Team members Alan Monroe  and John and Trannie Lacquey are headed to the Gulf Coast. Once there, they will be assisted by ShelterBox USA Ambassador  Ken Thompson, of Slidell, LA, who I’m happy to report is doing fine after the storm. Like all deployments, this one will begin with assessment to determine the most impacted areas and if there is need for the ShelterBox solution. The  team will be traveling to the impacted areas with some of our kit in case they identify immediate need. Many thanks to the team for their efforts.

One fun fact I’ll note: Not only is the team being deployed to the Gulf Coast an all-American, all-Rotarian team, but we currently have three active deployments being led by American SRT Rotarians. Another great example of “service above self.”

And speaking of service…I cannot stress enough how important your role as Ambassadors is to ShelterBox and our ability to successfully deliver on our mission. Thank you. ShelterBox is deployed in the Philippines, Haiti, Niger and now America. And mainly for disasters that won’t make your evening news.

We need your continued help.  Please continue to make presentations and visit schools, local businesses, faith organizations, and civic groups and talk us up to your family and friends. Seek out media for coverage of ShelterBox in your community.  Because our ability to prepare supplies in advance of disaster is made possible by the effort you put into your representation of ShelterBox.

It has been approximately 18 months since a large-scale, “newsworthy” disaster has captivated American donors. Since then, we have served vulnerable families on 34 deployments! That’s right. Thirty-four!

You are the engine that keeps ShelterBox going and prepared to serve in between those mega-disasters. I had the pleasure of serving on a response team that responded to flooding in Peru a few months ago – again, a lesser known disaster. But I can tell you from first-hand experience that the devastation felt by the families in Peru we served was just as real as it would be to families impacted by a well-publicized disaster. Nobody else was there to help them besides ShelterBox. We could only be there to help them because volunteers like you ensured we had the resources needed to respond. Thank you.

Keep up your good work and please know how appreciative we are of your service.

Should you need anything, please do not hesitate to call on the ShelterBox USA team.




For Twitter
@ShelterBoxUS team is heading to the Gulf Coast in response to Hurricane #Isaac. Assessing need for tented shelter &  @ShelterBox supplies.


Learn about @ShelterBoxUS post #Isaac deployment to Haiti where an estimated 300k people still live in tented shelter


Extreme flooding and Malian refugee crisis leads to @ShelterBox deployment to Niger (via @ShelterBoxUS)
As @ShelterBox completed work in #Philippines a quake struck off its coast today (via @ShelterBoxUS)


“I am so happy to bring my children here to stay in my @ShelterBox tent.”- Myrna, survivor of flooding in Philippines


For Facebook (Please remember to tag @ShelterBoxUSA in  your post)
A ShelterBoxUSA response team is heading to the Gulf Coast to assess damage caused by Hurricane Isaac. Priority is on identifying the most impacted areas and vulnerable families. Updates will be posted at and on Twitter @shelterboxus


Just as ShelterBox completed distribution of aid to families affected by flooding in the Philippines (, a 7.9 magnitude quake hit its Eastern Visayas region. The damage is being assessed.


Niger is having the worst floods in 100 years. A ShelterBox Response Team, including my fellow American volunteer Mike Freeman, is in the West African country assessing the need for emergency shelter. Read more:

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Illini Rotaract Club

Members of the Illini Rotaract Club visited our club meeting this morning and shared with the group the need for speakers for their club meetings. They also are interested in working with other Rotary clubs on service projects, however, they are not aware of the many not-for-profits available to serve other than what is on campus.

To learn more about the Illini Rotaract Club or to sign up as a presenter, contact them at or go to their Facebook page at The club meets every Tuesday Evening at 7pm in the Animal Science Building.

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