“Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world.” ― John Muir


(notes provided by the erudite Mary Hodson)


Bucket money for June will go toward purchase of a Buddy Bench in honor of Penn Nelson.


CU Sunrise will have a booth at the Cambana Moms Play Date at Hessel Park, 5:30 to 7 PM, July 9.  Contact Darrell to sign up.   In addition, the local Rotary Clubs will be going together to staff a booth at the Taste of CU on the weekend of August 17.


Darrell asked members to make a donation to the Foundation before the end of June.  Donations made now will determine the amount of grant money that comes back to our District in the future.


The University of Illinois is seeking volunteers for a six week summer program called “Global Ambassadors”.   Global Ambassadors will help in welcoming international students, scholars and executives.   See get.illinois.edu or email them at globaled-training@illinois.edu.





Ondine introduced Director Kelsey Langley and Board President Beth Hogan from “KOOP”, Kid Owned and Operated Play.   


Kelsey explained that KOOP provides child directed play opportunities for kids in our community.


The benefits of play include cognitive development, self-discovery, skill development.  Adventure playgrounds were started in  post WW II Copenhagen when adults noticed kids playing in  bombed out structures.


Kids get bored with prefab play structures.  In a prefab play structure, children can  do only what the structure provides.  KOOP collects and provides loose parts that children can utilize in open ended play.  Children building their own structures have infinite possibilities.  


Kelsey trains “Playworkers” to create flexible environments for play.  


KOOP partners with University Primary School to provide after school and summer camp programs.   They also partner with the Urbana and Champaign parks to provide “pop up” adventure playgrounds.


Go to www.KoopAdventurePlayground.com to see a list of spare parts you can donate.   KOOP also accepts donations to support kids who can’t afford their fee.


(newsletter posted late so the duties schedule was not included)


UPCOMING SCHEDULE (with program committee member responsible listed in parentheses)

June 20th – John Kelly, OSF (Tom)

June 27th – Karl Gnadt, Managing Director, Champaign-Urban Mass Transit District (CUMTD) (Bob)

July 4th – No meeting

July 11th – Pass the Gavel and annual Club Awards ceremony

July 18th – Tod Satterthwaite will discuss his journey abroad

July 25th – Lisa Wilson, Executive Director, East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center (ECIRMAC)

August 1st – TBD

August 8th – TBD

August 15th – TBD

August 22nd – TBD

August 29th – TBD

September 5th – TBD