“Scouting rises within you and inspires you to put forth your best”. – Juliette Gordon Low



“Treat those who are good with goodness, and also treat those who are not good with goodness. Thus goodness is attained. Be honest to those who are honest, and be also honest to those who are not honest. Thus honesty is attained.” ― Lao Tzu 



(Notes provided by Allan Penwell)

GET ME OUT OF HERE! Want to have some real fun? There is no meeting next week so join us on March 29th at the Adventure in Time and Space escape room at 123 West Main in Urbana. We will be locked up with several problems to solve which is the only way out. Should be a blast. Better than picking the NCAA brackets. Crane Alley afterwards but only if we can escape.


Sunrisers are bowling at Old Orchard Lanes at 7:45 p.m. at Old Orchard Lanes on April 6th. Team members are Michelle, Cary, Darrell, David, Paul, Rod, and Robb. Come join us to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters. So far we have raised $250, but our team goal is $1,000. It’s easy to contribute if you just follow this link:




Thanks everyone for your support, and please come for some fun.
Mary and Cary attended PETS (Presidents Elect Training Seminar) in Springfield and heard the latest on Rotary. Mary would like to do a program for our club which involves the different ways to access Rotary information through the Internet. There are many including My Rotary, District and Club Data Base, CUSR website, and CUSR Facebook. Mary noted also one of the speakers was Paul Chapelle who was  terrific.



Stacey LaFeber is a fund development professional who works for the Girl Scouts out of the Champaign Service Center. Other service centers in Girl Scouts of Central Illinois are:  Quincy, Bloomington, Decatur, and Peoria. Stacey is an Urbana Rotarian.


Girl Scouts were started in Savannah, Georgia 106 years ago and are still relevant today. Girls Scouts provides a safe environment for girls from kindergarten to high school to get together. When you think of Girl Scouts, think of the three C’s which is their triple threat—cookies, camp, and craft. All of this together promotes self-esteem and self- image for young girls which builds confidence.


The latest study from the Girl Scout Research Institute study shows that 97 percent of parents feel that Girl Scouting is a positive activity for their daughter. Ninety-six percent of girls have tried new things in Girl Scouts, and 94 percent of parents believe that their daughters feel special and important in Girl Scouting. That’s a lot of positives.


We asked if Girl Scouts are going to integrate boys into their program as Boy Scouts are bringing girls into their program. The answer was definitely not. Girls Scouts are for girls.



As referenced by Stacy LeFeber, here is the article from USA Today with the response by Sylvia Acevedo, the CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, in response to the Boy Scouts beginning to admit young women:




  Mar 22nd Mar 29th Apr 5th Apr 12th
Introductions BJ Lytle No regular John McDaniel Diana Dummitt
Reflection Diana Dummitt meeting Mary Hodson Darrell Hoemann
Greeters BJ Lytle this week John McDaniel Diana Dummitt
Ed Perry due to Tod Satterthwaite Angie Schoonover
Song Leader Phyllis Mischo Adventures Robb Patton Allan Penwell
Notetaker Penwell in Time & Space Conforti Conforti



UPCOMING SCHEDULE (with program committee member responsible listed in parentheses)

March 29th – Club Social – Adventures in Time and Space

April 5th – Dr. Marcia Pool will discuss the Cancer Scholars Program, College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Phyllis)

April 12th – Jim Hack, El Salvador – Habitat for Humanity Build Projects (Ata)

April 19th – Darrell Hoemann, Cruising the Rhine and Germany’s Holiday Markets (Mary)

April 26th – Dennis Hesch, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, The Carle Foundation, will discuss  Carle’s expansion/development at the Curtis/I-57 interchange (Phyllis)

May 3rd – Gerri Kirshner, CU Symphony will discuss the symphony and their upcoming season (Charlie)

May 10th – Zayd Jawad, Business Buddies (Mary)

May 17th – Laura Bleill, Associate Director, Research Park, will provide an overview of Research Park and future development (Phyllis)

May 24th – Barbara Kessel, Books to Prisoners (Mary)

May 31st – TBD – Club Social