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Welcome to the Champaign-Urbana Sunrise Rotary Club website. We meet every Thursday morning at 6:45 a.m. (yes, 6:45 in the morning). Although this may be early for some, not for this lively group of philanthropic people. Each week we enjoy fellowship, fun and lots of laughter all the while supporting many worthy charitable organizations in our community, nationally and internationally.

C-U Sunrise Helps With Central Interact Club

On a rainy November 18th, Central Interact organized a 5K race at Crystal Lake Park to raise funds for charity. Several C-U Sunrise Rotarians volunteered to help with the event and present a $500 donation.

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David Strand Exits for Home Club in Lafayette, IN

Bob La Charite and David Strand exchange flags

Robert LaCharite exchanged flags with long time visitor David Strand who is now returning to his home club in Lafayette, IN.

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Jim Rossow Visit’s C-U Sunrise

Jim Rossow, vice president for news at News-Gazette Media, on Sept. 28, gave us a look at the plans for local media.

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Welcome New member Charlie Smith!

Robert LaCharite and Rod Roberts welcomed new member Charlie Smith.

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Sunrise’s Learn a bit more about the Homeless Men’s Winter Shelter

C-U Sunrise Rotary

Rev. Sheryl Palmer got us up to date on the homeless men’s winter shelter plans and how Rotarians can help.

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Rotary Social on Lake Shelbyville

On a warm September Saturday, several C-U Sunrisers and guests took out the ‘Party Barge’ on Lake Shelbyville. There was lots of great conversation and food as we slowly sailed up the lake… only to loose the steering at Eagle Creek. However, it was a perfect opportunity to go for a swim (Todd, Beth and Ed) and to fire up the grills and have lunch.

After we were towed back in to the marina, Keith Brandau invited us all over to his houseboat. Thanks Keith for putting this all together!


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