(notes provided by the distinguished gentleman from Connecticut, Ed Perry)


Phyllis thanked everyone for the help with the Decker Gardens. She mentioned that every time she is out in the garden the people who pass by compliment on how beautiful it looks. One couple that stopped by loved it so much that they recently celebrated their wedding in the garden (see photo below).


Mary shared with the club her recent travels to New York and visits with several Rotarians and friends. She also shared her adventures with Benny Lapid who was doing the phtography for a Jewish wedding in New Your City. Check out Mary’s Facebook for details.


This week’s meeting will be the “peaceful transition” of the President of our club. We will thank Chuck for his presidential service and welcome Tod as our new club president.  We will all also breath a big sigh of relief.  This week’s meeting will also include awarding club members for their service.


Special Note




As mentioned above, Phyllis recently interacted with a couple who got married at Decker Garden.  They sent along this picture to share with the group.









Carly McCrory and Craig Rost of the Champaign County Economic Development Corporation were our program guests last Thursday morning. Carly, who has been to our club before as a speaker with the Douglas County Rotoract Club, is now the communications director of the Champaign County EDC. She presented information on the EDC and its mission, goals and activities.   Carly also spoke about the EDC’s Innovation Celebration awards ceremony.


Starting 15 years ago, the Champaign County Economic Development Corporation acts through public-private partnerships to continually grow the local economy by supporting local business, driving expansion and attracting new business. The Champaign County EDC brings together community leaders to support Champaign County economic development.


EDC’s partners include: local and state government; education leaders including the University of Illinois, Parkland College, and K-12 schools; utilities; business leaders and other organizations that play an important part in the development and growth of our community.


Carly noted that our community continues to be nationally recognized as the place to be for emerging new businesses, our entrepreneurial spirit and a community to watch. EDC is very active in attracting new businesses and retaining existing ones. The next Innovation Celebration awards ceremony will take place March 3, 2015.  Carly named several award winning businesses and shared a short video showing one such award winning business, Electroninks. For much more information see EDC’s web site:




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Upcoming Schedule

June 26th – Pass the Gavel (Reign of Chuck the Terrible ends)

July 3rd – Susan Warsaw, September 11th volunteer from Champaign

July 10th – Lacey Rains-Lowe, City of Champaign Planner, will discuss the city’s Environmental Sustainability Plan

July 17th – Linda Tammen, UIUC College of Education, will discuss the Youth Literature Festiavl (Oct 16-18, 2014)

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