(Notes provided by Allan Penwell)

Penn is selling raffle tickets at $20.00 each for the Champaign Park District Foundation.  The winner gets a new car from Worden-Martin, and the drawing is on August 16th as part of the Taste of C-U.  There are only 3,500 tickets available so break out your wallets now!




It was Pass the Gavel Day, and many thanks to Oktay for doing a great job.  There were many people to thank for a great year, and we want to recognize those who make things happen in our club during the year:

Our officers who meet each and every month to run our club business are:


Chuck Reifsteck

Tod Satterthwaite
President Elect

Ata Durukan

Jack Kamerer

Rod Roberts
Director of Community Service

Cary Woolard
Director of Club Service

Dave Krchak
Director of Vocational Service

Alan Chalifoux
Director of International Service

Scott Paceley
Director of New Generation Services

Jeff Van Buren
Past President


Special thanks to Lou Simpson for keeping a record of our attendance.  Another special thanks to Lou and Phyliss who are doing a phenomenal job with our Decker Garden, Andrew for his work with our newsletter, Rod for maintaining our website, Benny for his hours of photographic work, and to those note takers who take (mostly) wonderful notes for our newsletter.

Many thanks go to Mary Hudson, Ata Durukan and Gary Olsen, and others who have been representing our club at the district level, and in and out of town.  Special thanks to all the past presidents and officers for their service.

Each Recognition Award is given to one of our own, who goes one step further, who have contributed significant amount of time and service to our club to help with others and the community. All of us know well that such outstanding services help building goodwill, provide humanitarian service, and encourage high ethical standards in all vocations.


Perfect Attendance

Every year at the C-U Sunrise Rotary Club Pass the Gavel Day Ceremony, our members are recognized for their commitment to Rotary with perfect attendance at our weekly breakfast meetings and participating in make-up meeting opportunities at other clubs or volunteer programs.  Eleven members had perfect attendance:  Reuben Chambers, Ata Durukan, Mary Hodson, Dave Krchak, Gary Olsen, Scott Paceley, Ed Perry, Chuck Reifsteck, Tod Satterthwaite, Lou Simpson, and Oktay Baran.


Alive, Alert Awake, and Enthusiastic

The Don Decker Alive, Alert, Awake, & Enthusiastic award goes to Cary Woolard for making bucket money fun.


Courage Award

Our Courage Award goes to Coletta Ackermann.


Distinguished Service

Every year, we honor outstanding persons who, through their dedicated efforts, set high standards and achieve important goals.  By honoring and recognizing outstanding individuals and highlighting the values of Rotary, this award may help inspire all of us to strive for worthy goals.  This year’s winner of this award is Mary Hodson.


Golden Pen

Ed Perry was scheduled to sing Nessum Dorma from Puccini’s Turandot, but deferred to make a special award.  The Golden Pen award is one of the club’s moderately prestigious awards.  The award of the Golden Pen goes to Allan Penwell for excellence in note taking (even though Andrew consistently corrected everything he wrote).


New Rotarian of the Year

This is one of our club’s most prestigious awards.  The New Rotarian of the Year Award is presented to the member who has exemplified the “Service Above Self” motto by exhibiting outstanding service and has demonstrated commitment to the goals and visions of our club.  This year the honor goes to Philip Holthaus as our 2013-2014 New Rotarian of the Year.


Rotarian of the Year

Every year our Awards Committee members select one Rotarian to receive the highest award we give to one of our own. The honor is presented to the Rotarian who best exemplifies the motto “Service Above Self,” both as a well-rounded Rotarian and as someone who goes a step further to help with our mission. This year our club’s highest honor, The Rotarian of the Year, goes to the recipient, Phyliss Mischo.


Past President

We thank Chuck for a great year and not breaking the gavel on ringing the bell.  He received a past president’s pin and a gavel.  At the same time we welcomed Tod Satterthwaite as the incoming president.



Chuck and Tod initiate a new tradition: the Presidential Fist Bump.  Future Presidents will have to aim high in order to top this instant classic (pictured at left).





July 3rd July 10th July 17th July 24th
Introductions Keith Brandau Alan Chalifoux Neal Chamberlain Reuben Chambers
Invocation Barb Lintner BJ Lytle Ben Mast John McDaniel
Greeters Keith Brandau Alan Chalifoux Neal Chamberlain Reuben Chambers
Dave Krchak Bob La Charite BJ Lytle Ben Mast
Song Leader Mary Hodson Phillip Holthaus Larry Johnson Nick Jungels
Notetaker Hodson Lintner Conforti Chamberlain
Rotary Minute Eric Batsie Keith Brandau Neal Chamberlain Reuben Chambers
Decker Weeding Chalifoux LaCharite Kerins Chamberlain
Next Weekend Family McDaniel Simpson Duo
Decker Garden Johnson Reifsteck Reifsteck Adams


Upcoming Schedule

July 3rd – Susan Warsaw, September 11th volunteer from Champaign

July 10th – Lacey Rains-Lowe, City of Champaign Planner, will discuss the city’s Environmental Sustainability Plan

July 17th – Linda Tammen, UIUC College of Education, will discuss the upcoming Youth Literature Festival (Oct 16-18, 2014)

July 24th – TBD

July 31st – TBD

August 7th – TBD

August 14th – TBD

August 21st – TBD

Date TBD – Chuck Reifsteck will discuss the trials and tribulations of his life while in office, including all the controversial votes, vetoes, and videos