(notes provided by the venerable Neal Chamberlain)


The meeting opened with an Invocation by Bruce Hatfield.


Chuck announced the board approved the following CUSR donations:

*Developmental Services Center -$5150 – Software used by staff, parents and teachers.

*May Bucket Money – Assist Haiti Mission trip (Trinity Lutheran Church)

*June Bucket Money – Urbana Adult Education Center


Rotary Minute – Dave Krchak gave a long and obviously embellished report (editor’s note: these were Neal’s words, not mine) of his professional and Rotary experiences and responsibilities. Dave’s professional career includes 35 years as an attorney in Champaign-Urbana.  In addition, Dave’s service career includes 25 years as a member of CUSR, including having served as president.




Mary introduced the program speaker, Pat Titus.  Pat Titus currently is a volunteer for Illinois Pork Producers.  Pat and her husband have operated a pork farm in the Arcola area for several years.  Pat spoke about numerous issues involved in pork production:


*World population will reach 9.5 billion by 2050.


*The persons fed by a U.S. farmer have increased from 25 in 1960 to 155 currently.


*Farm efficiency and production has increased as a result of mechanization (tractors etc.), education (Land Grant Universities), plant breeding and improved distribution (refrigerated freight cars).


*Efficiency of pork production has increased dramatically as a result of selective breeding, improved nutrition and improved animal health.


*Improved environment shelter provides better health and survival of pigs has resulted in larger liters from each sow (10 – 13 pigs).


*PED (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea) is a potentially devastating disease which can cause all young pigs in a farm to die (one farm lost 6000 pigs).  It does not transmit to humans and it does not contaminate human food supply.


*USDA studies show that there has been great improvement in leaner pork.


Pat closed by emphasizing the Illinois Pork Producers care most about safe food, well being of animals and our environment.




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Upcoming Schedule

May 22nd – Tom Ulen will discuss Issues in College Athletics

May 29th – Dr. Marva Nelson, Associate Professor of English at Parkland College, will discuss bullying

June 5th – Zack Grant, Manager, Student Sustainable Farm, UIUC

June 12th – Daniel Bronson Lowe, PhD, Senior Infection Specialist at Carle

June 19th – TBD

June 26th – TBD

July 3rd – TBD

July 10th – TBD