(notes provided by the erudite Mary Hodson)


Laura announced that she and Penn will be selling raffle tickets for a Car Raffle to be held at Taste of Champaign.   Tickets are $20 or 3 for $50.   The proceeds will benefit the scholarship programs of the Champaign Park District.

Scott Paceley gave the Rotary Minute.  He graduated from St. Joe-Ogden.   Scott and Cyndi and his wife have been married 28 years.  He came to work at Krannert as a graphic designer 25 years ago and recently retired as a graphic artist for the U of I Department of Public Affairs.   Scott also writes and does photography for several vintage racing publications.

Social chair and Party Extraordinaire Cary Woolard announced that there will be a Rotary Social starting around 5:30 PM, Wednesday, June 4, at Triptych Brewing in Savoy.  Be there or be square.




Kris introduced Dr. Marva Nelson, Associate Professor of Humanities at Parkland.   Dr. Nelson’s topic was “The bullied, those who bully, where they live, love, work and sleep”.

Marva asked us to think about famous bullies in the news, eg, Lee Iaccoca, Bobby Knight, Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and Lance Armstrong.   Bullies are usually people who have been bullied themselves.   Lance Armstrong’s step-father was in the military and State Police, and beat Lance as a child.  Children observe and emulate what their parents do.

Marva said she herself was bullied as a child.   She was the only student of color taking AP classes in a Southern Illinois high school.  She was bullied by both the whites and the blacks.

What does a bully look like or act?    Marva pointed out that we all possess the potential to bully at some time or another.   Bullies are found both in public and private schools, universities, colleges, churches, sports, hospitals and other workplaces.   Road Rage is another example of bullying.  Cyber bullying has caused people to commit suicide.

There is a perception that one person has power over another.   Often, it is the only place that the bully has power.  Sometimes men bully at work but have power issues at home. Marva also said that, in the workplace, women often bully more than men.

Marva challenged the community of Rotarians to think about what we can do to prevent bullying.   The easiest way to stop bullying is to speak to the bully privately and say, “Don’t do this anymore.”    If you observe bullying, don’t be a bystander.




C-U Sunrise Rotary recognized it’s 2014 scholarship recipient, Markeonda Williams, at our most recent meeting.  Ms. Williams, who recently graduated from Champaign Central High School, will enter the CNA program in the Fall at Parkland College.  Pictured from right to left are Ms. Williams, her high school guidance counselor Jennifer Stroud, and Danny DeVito’s long-lost-twin, Dave Krchak. Ms. Williams’s mother, Rhonda, was also in attendance.



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Upcoming Schedule

June 5th – Zack Grant, Manager, Student Sustainable Farm, UIUC

June 12th – Daniel Bronson Lowe, PhD, Senior Infection Specialist at Carle (meeting in the Skyway)

June 19th – Carly McRory, Communications Director, Champaign County Economic Development Corporation

June 26th – Pass the Gavel (Reign of Chuck the Terrible ends)

July 3rd – Susan Warsaw, September 11th volunteer from Champaign

July 10th – Lacey Rains-Lowe, City of Champaign Planner, will discuss the city’s Environmental Sustainability Plan

July 17th – TBD

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