“A ship is always safe at shore but that is not what it’s built for.” – Albert Einstein – 1879-1955 – Theoretical Physicist


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt – 1884-1962 – American Political Figure – Former First Lady of the United States


“Don’t worry about darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest.” – Napoleon Hill – 1883-1970 – American Author




(notes provided by the erudite Mary Hodson)


Mary Kay congratulated the “Bananas”, winners of the membership contest.   She also invited members interested in serving on the board or in getting involved in other ways to contact her.


Santa reminded us that we will not meet on December 26 or January 2.





Our annual C-U Sunrise Rotary Holiday Party featured music (see below), a visit from Santa, some Santa-related trivia (those darn Philadelphia fans!), and general holiday merriment.  Thanks to all who made this event such a fun and joyous time!





Marilyn Marshall and Danda Beard introduced us to members of the Baroque Artists of Champaign Urbana.  BACH is Champaign Urbana’s premier chamber choir, founded by Rotarian Chester Alwes in 1996.   


BACH hosts a full annual concert schedule and numerous unique events each season.  They also host the annual Young Baroque Artist Competition for high-school aged musicians.


BACH is currently welcoming new singers and donors.  For audition information or to join their mailing list, contact BACH at info@baroqueartists.org.  


Their next performance is “Les Delices Myths and Allegories, scheduled for 7:30 PM, February 9 at the chapel of St. John the Devine, 1011 S. Wright St. in Champaign.   For a full schedule of upcoming performances and ticket information, see www.baroqueartists.org





Molly Delaney followed up by email with this link about Food Fights: https://www.eifoodbank.org/action/volunteer/corporate-food-fights.html


  Jan 9th Jan 16th Jan 23rd Jan 30th
Introductions Ata Durukan Ondine Gross David Henry Mary Hodson
Reflection Bob La Charite Phyllis Mischo Scott Paceley Robb Patton
Greeters Ata Durukan Ondine Gross David Henry Mary Hodson
Ed Perry Rod Roberts Tod Satterthwaite Angie Schoonover
Song Leader Allan Penwell Ed Perry Rod Roberts Tod Satterthwaite
Notetaker Conforti Perry Penwell Hodson




UPCOMING SCHEDULE (with program committee member responsible listed in parentheses)

January 9th – Club Assembly

January 16th – Rush Record, Executive Director, CASA (Mary)

January 23rd – TBD (Bob)

January 30th – TBD

February 6th – TBD (Cary)

February 13th – TBD

February 20th – TBD (Charlie)

February 27th – TBD (David)

March 5th – TBD (Mary)

March 12th – TBD

March 19th – TBD (Ondine)

March 26th – TBD (Tom)