“He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.” –

Louisa May Alcott


“Your life is your story, and the adventure ahead of you is the journey to fulfill your own purpose and potential.” – Kerry Washington


“It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple.” – Rabindranath Tagore





July 11 was “Pass the Gavel Day”.   We honored Past President Cary for his service and welcomed President Darrell and his wife Kathryn.   Darrell spoke enthusiastically about how he “got hooked” on Rotary and about some of his exciting plans for the upcoming year.


Lou thanked Ed Perry and gave him an award in recognition for his help restoring the keyboard at the Decker Garden.   They raised $750 for the project.





Oktay thanked Barb Nelson and Cindy and Mike Sommers for attending our meeting in honor of our long-time member, Penn Nelson.  


Perfect Attendance awards were given to:


Michelle Barbey

Keith Brandau

Mary Hodson

Darrell Hoemann

Bob LaCharite

Scott Paceley

Allan Penwell

Ed Perry

Charlie Smith

Cary Woolard 

Oktay Baran


Cary Woolard was honored with the “Alive, Alert, Awake” award in memory of Don Decker


Tod Sattherwaite received the “Distinguished Service” award in recognition of his recent service in the Philippines.


Oktay thanked Jack Kamerer for 31 years of service to our club and gave him a special “Charter Member Service” award.


The “Courage Award” was given to Penn Nelson’s family in honor of his service to Rotary and our community and in recognition of his cheerfulness in the face of challenges.


Maarten de Witte was honored as the “New Rotarian of the Year.” 


Michelle Barbey was named “Rotarian of the Year”.  Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you for your continued service!



  July 18th July 25th Aug 1st Aug 8th
Introductions Ben Mast John McDaniel Phyllis Mischo Scott Paceley
Reflection Ed Perry Rod Roberts Tod Satterthwaite Angie Schoonover
Greeters Ben Mast John McDaniel Phyllis Mischo Scott Paceley
Mary Kay Smith Adam Wright Oktay  Baran Michelle Barbey
Song Leader Jen Shelby Lou Simpson Charlie Smith Mary Kay Smith
Notetaker Conforti Perry Penwell Hodson
Decker Weeding Perry Patton Stull Hoemann
Next Weekend        


UPCOMING SCHEDULE (with program committee member responsible listed in parentheses)

July 18th – Tod Satterthwaite will discuss his journey abroad

July 25th – Joan Dixon, President/CEO, the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois

August 1st – Bruce Knight,  Director of Community Planning Services, City of Champaign, will discuss The Yards project (Bob)

August 8th – Lauryn Henry will discuss her RYE experience in France (David)

August 15th – Mike Hirschi will discuss the Rotary Foundation (Darrell)

August 22nd – TBD (Charlie)

August 29th – No regular meeting (5th Thursday) – 

September 5th – TBD (Cary)

September 12th – Club Assembly

September 19th – Michelle Layser, Assistant Professor of Law, UIUC will discuss tax law and social policy (Tom)

September 26th – TBD (Ondine)

October 3rd – Lisa Wilson, Executive Director, East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center (ECIRMAC) (Bob)

October 10th – Club Assembly

October 17th – TBD (Cary)

October 24th – TBD (Charlie)

October 31st – No regular meeting (5th Thursday) – 

November 7th – TBD (David)

November 14th – Club Assembly

November 21st – TBD (Ondine)

November 28th – TBD 

December 5th – TBD

December 12th – Club Assembly