“If you don’t have any critics you’ll likely have no success.” – Malcolm X


“The people who succeed are irrationally passionate about something.” – Naval Ravikant


(Notes provided by Allan Penwell)

Club elections will take place during our April 4th meeting. We also plan to have a club assembly in April.


Champaign West is again hosting the annual celebration of the founding of Rotary. Mark your calendars for April 17 for this event which is the 114th anniversary at the Round Barn Center. We will be taking a head count, and also volunteers are needed.



Our speaker at the meeting on March 14th was Kimberly Kendall, PhD. Her topic was “Aging, Leisure, Stress & Wellness in Our Culture and in C-U.”

Kim comes from a large family, and family was everything to her mother. After her husband passed away, Kim was able to observe her mother and how she handled this life-changing event.

There are three themes of research in the step to wellness for seniors which are called the Tripod of Success:  (1) leisure, (2) fitness, and (3) mental wellness.

Leisure wellness has two components which are cognitive and physical. Cognitive includes examples of reading, writing, and card games. Physical would include examples like swimming, biking, and walking. Both of these lead to a happy leisure theme.

Stressor components are health and financial well-being. Seniors need to get help from others to include relatives, friends, and professionals. Let your friends be real people and not the television set. One needs to accept his or her new role in life.

Mental wellness is connected to success in the leisure and stressor elements and understanding your new identity. Kim closed with this quote from Kierkegaard—“Although life must be lived forward, it can only be understood by looking back.”




  Mar 21st Mar 28th Apr 4th Apr 11th
Introductions Michelle Barbey Ethan Chew Paul Conforti Maarten de Witte
Reflection Ondine Gross David Henry Mary Hodson Darrell Hoemann
Greeters Michelle Barbey Ethan Chew Paul Conforti Maarten de Witte
Candy Loyd John McDaniel Phyllis Mischo Scott Paceley
Song Leader Larry Johnson Bob La Charite Candy Loyd Ben Mast
Notetaker Hodson Conforti Conforti Perry



UPCOMING SCHEDULE (with program committee member responsible listed in parentheses)

March 21st – Eric Freyfogle, Research Professor and Swanlund Chair, Emeritus, University of Illinois College of Law will discuss dwindling wildlife populations (Bob)

March 28th – TBD (Charlie)

April 4th –  Kathy Sweedler, University of Illinois Extension, will speak about the Money Mentor program (David)

April 11th – William O Brien, PhD, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, will speak about his research projects involving ultrasonic bioengineering and biophysics (Mary)

April 18th – Meeting cancelled in favor of April 17 all area Noon Rotary meeting at the Round Barn Center

April 25th – TBD (Phyllis)

May 2nd – Club Assembly 

May 9th – TBD (Bob)

May 16th – TBD (Charlie)

May 23rd – TBD (David)

May 30th – No AM meeting – Club Social TBA

June 6th – TBD (Ondine)

June 13th – Nichole Millage, Environmental Sustainability Specialist, City of Champaign Recycling, will speak about recycling(Phyllis)

June 20th – TBD (Tom)

June 27th – TBD (Bob)

July 4th – TBD