Group Study Exchange to Italy in 2013

Gov. Bidner has announced this coming years’ GSE program and we are looking for a Rotarian to take the lead and participate in the team leader position of this outstanding program. This could be the last year that we will have a GSE program as we know it. The exchange will be with Districts 2031/2032 in Italy. (more…)

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The Perfect Christmas Gift!

A Gift from You to Family, Friends & Clients
A Gift of Hope a World Away

Are you searching for that perfect gift for someone special? Or a meaningful way to thank your colleagues, employees or most valued customers? This holiday season, honor them with gifts that matter.

Purchase a gift that will provide hope and relief for someone, somewhere in the world, who is homeless due to disaster or conflict. It’s a gift that symbolizes so much more than the lifesaving equipment ShelterBox delivers to those in need. Your gift represents your heart for the world—a heart you will share with the person you honor with your ShelterBox Global Gift.

It’s easy. Click here to purchase your gift now! 
Or watch the video below to see how it works!

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Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, India Trip

From: Rotary

Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 6:18 PM
To: Rotary
Subject: Upcoming Trip to India to Participate in a Polio National Immunization Trip – February 2013


Dear Governor:


The purpose of this correspondence is to confirm that we are in the final planning process of organizing a trip of about 35 people to travel to Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, India in February 2013 to participate in the polio eradication program.  You are receiving this correspondence because, as Governor, we are inviting you to let the Rotarians in your District know that an announcement for such a trip is coming up in the next few weeks.  Even if you are not planning on joining us in February, (more…)

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Help for those Hit by Super Storm Sandy

From: District Governor Gordon
Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Subject: Rotarians distributing ShelterBox supplies to assist families impacted by


Dear District Governor,


As a Rotary Project Partner, part of our immediate response to Super Storm Sandy was to reach out to the most-impacted districts to check on Rotarians and learn what their communities were experiencing in the wake of the disaster. It give us great pleasure to share with you the partnerships that have emerged since that time. With the “service above self” ethos very much in their hearts, Rotarians have joined forces with ShelterBox to provide shelter, warmth and dignity to vulnerable families in the Northeast United States. (more…)

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Football Guessing

We didn’t do a good planning job with football guessing, this week is the last week and we won’t meet Thursday. So I wanted to give you all the option to participate if you like. Anyone who signed up with a default will be treated that way unless you override that choise. Here are the games this week with the current monkey line as far as I can tell. Paul may send out his picks here soon. I need to have your responses back by Friday 5:00. Have a great Thanksgiving!
Illinois at Northwestern (+17)
Michigan at Ohio State (+3)
Notre Dame (+6) at USC
Oklahoma (+7) at Oklahoma State
Florida at Florida State (+6)
Minnesota at Chicago (pick)
Pittsburgh at Cleveland (pick)
Buffalo at Indianapolis (+3)
St Louis at Arizona (+2)
San Fransisco (+2) at New Orleans
– Lou
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November 15th, 2012 Newsletter

(notes courteous of the erudite Mary Hodson)

DGE Larry Pennie welcomed Andrew Kerins to the society of Paul Harris Fellows. He reminded all of us that Paul Harris Fellowship is the lifeblood of the Rotary grant process (that and those under-40 folks who still have mostly functioning backs and knees).

Robb asked everyone to get their fruit orders to him as soon as possible. He will be sending the order in on Monday morning.

President Jeff asked the members to consider if we wish to commit to sponsoring an inbound Rotary Youth Exchange next year. A “yes” vote means that you are promising to try to recruit a host family for a portion of the next school year.

Ed Perry thanked everyone who volunteered with the EI Food Bank Food Mobile on Saturday. Everyone agreed that it was a very rewarding volunteer opportunity.

Marsha Reardon announced that the TIMES Center would be having a low cost fundraiser, in downtown Champaign, probably on the evening of December 7. Please email her if you would be willing to help serve hot drinks and/or carol.



Mary introduced District Governor Elect Larry Pennie and his wife, Arlene. DGE Pennie is a member of the Bloomington/Normal Sunset Rotary Club. He retired in 2000 after serving 34 years in the field of Elementary Education. He is currently an adjunct professor of Education for St. Xavier University and Lincoln Christian University. Besides serving Rotary and many other groups, Larry potrays Benjamin Franklin and has received several awards for authenticity and presentation.

As an educator, Larry is well equipped to explain how Future Vision will affect the Rotary grant process. The RI headquarters have been overwhelmed with the duties entailed in grant management. Under Future Vision, RI is shifting more of that responsibility back to the district level.

Under Future Vision, there will be three kinds of grants, District Grants, Global Grants and Packaged Grants. DGE Larry said that he didn’t think there would be any Packaged Grants in our district. In District 6490, the block District Grant will be used for two kinds of grants, District Matching Grants and District Club Grants that do not require a match. Global Grants start at $30,000, half of which must be provided by the club. In Larry’s term, District 6490 will have three Global Grants.

Any club applying for a grant must be certified via training that will be provided in January and February. Club secretaries, treasurers, Foundation Chairs and Presidents Elect should attend.

Global Grants must be sustainable and must be used for one of the Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus. In DGE Larry’s year, there will be three Global Grants for the District. One of the three will be a scholarship, like the old Ambassadorial Scholarship. Applicants must be graduate students studying a subject related to one of the Rotary Foundation Areas of Focus.

Areas of focus:

 *Peace and conflict prevention/resolution

*Disease prevention and treatment

*Water and sanitation

*Maternal and child health

*Basic education and literacy

*Economic and community development

Students interested in applying for a graduate school grant for 2013-2014 may contact Tom Hodson at  Students interested in legal assistance for speeding tickets should contact either Tom “Watch out for the cameras” Hodson or Harold “Here we go again” Adams.

Nov 22nd Nov 29th Dec 6th Dec 13th
Introductions No Harold Adams Kris Young Curt Anderson
Invocation Meeting Benny Lapid Hang Liang Barb Lintner
Greeters This Harold Adams Kris Young Curt Anderson
Week Andrew Kerins Dave Krchak Benny Lapid
Song Leader Enjoy Ata Durukan Patrice Grant Bruce Hatfield
Notetaker Turduckin Penwell Lintner Conforti

Upcoming Schedule

Nov 29 – Jim Angel, State Climatologist

Dec 13 – Holiday party

Dec 20 – Kerri Spear, Austin’s Place – Emergency Shelter

Dec 27 – Benny Lapid will discuss Jerusalem

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Rotary Social

The next Rotary social will be held Thursday, November 29th at the PrarieFire restaurant/bar (old TGI Fridays) after work.  We are planning on meeting around 5:15/5:30.
It’s a great way for new members and old members to get to know each other on a more personal basis, and it’s a lot of fun!  Spouses and significant others are also welcome.  We will do a cash bar, and the club will spring for some hors d’ oeuvres’.
If you’re not familiar with the location, it’s right across the way from the Hawthorne on the ground floor of the Trade Centre building.
Hope to see you there!

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