June 28th, 2012 Newsletter

(courtesy of the venerable Neal Chamberlain)

Sunrise Rotarians attendees were rewarded for shaking off early year doldrums by being “Awake, Alert, Enthusiastic” for an ecstatic celebration of the ending of the ruthless and scandalous Bruce Hatfield regime.  The mood was welcoming for the Jeff Van Buren administration, although he started his new presidency by showering the “Rotarian Magazine” with special accolades for a recent article – which he then proceeded to forget the name of the article.  Jeff, you have now proven that you are “one of us”. We already love you as our new CUSR president.

President VanBuren announced that the CUSR motto for the year will be “Peace Through Service”.

Gary Olsen announced that Champaign Rotary Club had contributed  $4500 to Shelter Box.

We welcomed our Assistant Governor Jon Rector and his wife Cathy to our meeting.


Annual club awards were presented as follows:

100% Attendance: Baran, Durukan, Hatfield, Hodson, Johnson, Kerins, Krchak, McDaniel, Olsen, Perry, Roberts, Simpson.

-“Alive, Alert, Enthusiastic” – Ed Perry

Club Service – Ata Durukan,

Courage – Patrice Grant

New Rotarian – Todd Satterthwaite

Rotarian of the Year – Larry Johnson

New President – Jeff VanBuren

Past President – Bruce Hatfield



Kris Young introduced Catherine S. Stalter, (Department Chair, Engineering Science and Technologies, Parkland College) as our speaker of the day.

Ms. Stalter reviewed the recent progress of providing technical training to Parkland College students.  Parkland is nearly finished (open house – September 25) with a (67,000 square feet) building which was largely underwritten by a Federal Job Training grant.  In preparation of determining the specifications for the new building, she went on a tour of other facilities which are providing the most up to date tools and buildings.  Parkland is now preparing for 50 incoming freshmen who will be trained in one of the following three majors.

-Automotive Technology; trains the student to repair and service vehicles which are built with the latest technological advancements.

-Automotive Management; trains the student in automotive management (production/manufacture, sales/service).

-Motor Sports; trains the student in high performance vehicles such as race cars.

Parkland will also continue to provide training in collision repair, (previously provided in at an off campus rented facility).  Parkland will continue to provide industrial technology training in the operation of cutting edge computer controlled production machines.

Ms. Stalter encouraged all our club members to come and visit Parkland’s new Applied Technology Center – open house September 25, 2012.


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Introductions Jan Ison Andrew Kerins Dave Krchak Benny Lapid
Invocation Rod Roberts Mitch Schluter Jen Shelby Jeff Van Buren
Greeters Jan Ison Andrew Kerins Dave Krchak Benny Lapid
Marsha Reardon Chuck Reifsteck Rod Roberts Mitch Schluter
Song Leader Penn Nelson Gary Olsen Scott Paceley Robb Patton
Notetaker Perry Penwell Hodson Lintner
Decker Weeding Ackermann Nelson Kerins Shelby
Next Weekend Ackermann McDaniel Simpson Shelby
Decker Garden Van Buren Nelson Nelson Adams

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June 21st, 2012 Newsletter

ANNOUNCEMENTS (courtesy of the striped-tie-wearing, Allan Penwell)

Filling in for President Bruce, President-Elect Jeff noted that club members should begin signing up for committees.  Jeff emailed the list of committees for your review; the list can also be found on the club website.  Talk to Jeff to have your name added to a specific committee.  Or, if don’t talk to Jeff, your name might be added to a few for you.  For instance, Harold Adams has already been nominated as the new Associate Editor on the Newsletter team.  Way to go Harold!

Lou noted, via email, that last year our club provided 372.5 hours of volunteer service to the community.  Congratulations to all who gave their time, especially the leading 5 Rotarians: Johnson, Simpson, Hodson, Baran, and Perry!


Our presenters last week were Pat Henry and Anita Collins who work for Court Diversion Services which is one of the many facets of the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission.  Court Diversion Services (CDS) is a program for youth who are involved in minor infractions or problems.  Rather than send these kids through the traditional justice system, CDS mentors the youth and attempts to make them good citizens.

It is a goal oriented system that has the offenders face their victims and resolve issues.  There is also a Peer Court as another part of the program.  Family members get involved in the problem resolution to the highest possible extent.  The process attempts to hold the youth responsible, build skills, and keep the community safe.  Youth may have to make restitution to the victim, do public service, and abide by certain rules such as curfew and attending school.

Last year there were 327 youth who went through the program, and 182 had successful outcomes, 61 had a station adjustment, and 84 were referred back to their families.  Of those who had a station adjustment, 75% completed the program successfully.  Pat and Anita are always looking for volunteers.

June 28th July 5th July 12th July 19th
Introductions Mary Hodson Jan Ison Andrew Kerins Dave Krchak
Invocation Chuck Reifsteck Rod Roberts Mitch Schluter Jen Shelby
Greeters Mary Hodson Jan Ison Andrew Kerins Dave Krchak
Ed Perry Marsha Reardon Chuck Reifsteck Rod Roberts
Song Leader John McDaniel Penn Nelson Gary Olsen Scott Pacely
Notetaker Chamberlain Perry Penwell Hodson
Decker Weeding Perry Ackermann Nelson Kerins
Next Weekend Simpson Ackermann McDaniel Simpson
Decker Garden Van Buren Van Buren Nelson Nelson
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C-U Sunrise has 372.5 Total Volunteer Hours

Our club was responsible for providing 372.50 hours of service to our community. Leading the way were the following top 5 Rotarians


Larry Johnson 26.5

Lou Simpson 24.5

Mary Hodson 22.5

Oktay Baran 22.0

Ed Perry 22.0


52 of the hours were provided by spouses and other special friends of the club.

Although we fell short of our goal of 500 hours, we have made a substantial contribution of time. As we close out this fiscal year and start anew in July, let’s challenge ourselves to meet our goal this coming year and make a difference in our community.


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June 14th, 2012 Newsletter

(courtesy of the distinguished gentleman from Connecticut, Ed Perry)

Several Club Members participated with this past weekend’s overnight Shelter Box fundraiser in Busey Bank’s Downtown Parking Lot. Total amount raised will be announced at this week’s meeting.Melany Jackson, Executive Director, of C-U at Home, announced the “One Summer Day” fundraiser to help fight homelessness. The fundraiser takes place in Hessel Park on June 30th from 8:30 to 11am. Participants push a grocery car in an effort to collect money and food items. Each Cart’s Team is expected to collect donations and pledges to raise $500 with the overall goal of $20,000. More information and registration is available at www.cuathome.us. 217-819-4569.

Alan Chalifoux thanked everyone who helped make the Relay for Life a success again this year.

Jack handed out information on Club dues and meal payment plans. Everyone is encouraged to get their dues in and take the opportunity to make donations to our Sunrise Charitable Foundation, Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund and Rotary Foundation Polio Plus.

Andrew gave an update on how Molly is doing with her battle with cancer. The entire club expressed that she is in their thoughts and prayers.

This month’s bucket money is going to Relay for Life and July’s bucket money will go to the Red Cross.


Adelaide Aime, board member for The Center For Women in Transition, spoke to our club about the The Center. The agency provides housing and supportive services for families experiencing homelessness or who are victims of domestic violence. Adelaide is a social worker and noted that The Center also collaborates with local social service organizations to provide educational assistance, employment services, mental health services and professional counseling.

Adelaide explained the need to help in our area and noted there are many Mothers who live with her children in their car in this area who are trying to find shelter, jobs, schooling and meals. The Center has houses, apartments and living spaces that they provide but the need exceeds the space available. They can provide transitional housing for up to a two year period as they provide the services to help turn their lives around.

The Center for Women in Transition is in need of volunteers and donations. Additional information can be found at  www.cuhomeless.com.

June 21st June 28th July 5th July 12th
Introductions Patrice Grant Mary Hodson Jan Ison Andrew Kerins
Invocation Andrew Kerins Chuck Reifsteck Rod Roberts Mitch Schluter
Greeters Patrice Grant Mary Hodson Jan Ison Andrew Kerins
Allan Penwell Ed Perry Marsha Reardon Chuck Reifsteck
Song Leader Ben Mast John McDaniel Penn Nelson Gary Olsen
Notetaker Conforti Chamberlain Perry Penwell
Decker Weeding Kerins Perry Ackermann Nelson
Next Weekend Baran Simpson Ackermann McDaniel
Decker Garden Chalifoux Van Buren Van Buren Nelson
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June 7, 2012 Newsletter

(courteous of the erudite Mary Hodson)

Larry thanked everyone who helped with the EI Foodbank food repack on Tuesday.

This week is “Big Shelterbox Week.”  CU Sunrise will participate in the ShelterBox Campout downtown at Busey Bank on June 15 -16.   Volunteers are needed for 5-7 on Friday and from 5-7 AM and 7-9 AM on Saturday.   Contact Mary at maryfhodson@aol.com if you are able to help.    Mary also encouraged everyone to think donations to ShelterBox as Father’s Day gifts.


Donna introduced Professor James Barrett from the University of Illinois.   Dr.Barrett spoke about his research for the book, “The Irish Way”, published by The Penguin Press.

The book focuses on the Irish immigrant communities in New York and Chicago, and the institutions they helped build, Catholic churches, trade unions and the Democratic party.

Professor Barrett pointed out that the Irish immigrants had two advantages in that they were one of the earliest immigrant groups to come to the United States and that they were English speaking.   Later immigrants came into cities that were already dominated by Irish Catholics.   But the great unspoken force that created inter-ethnic families was love.

Families created by the intermarriage of Irish with other ethnic groups became part of the institutions created by the Irish, especially in Chicago.  Strong affinities and broader identities emerged by the 1920’s.  Networks translated to authority in the workplace, government and church and helped to create a new inter-ethnic culture.   In cities such as New York where the Irish maintained a tight hold, the machines fell.  In Chicago, the political machine opened up to other immigrant groups and kept it going much longer.

June 14th June 21st June 28th July 5th
Introductions Andrew Kerins Patrice Grant Mary Hodson Jan Ison
Invocation Ed Perry Andrew Kerins Chuck Reifsteck Rod Roberts
Greeters Andrew Kerins Patrice Grant Mary Hodson Jan Ison
Robb Patton Allan Penwell Ed Perry Marsha Reardon
Song Leader BJ Lytle Ben Mast John McDaniel Penn Nelson
Notetaker Lintner Conforti Chamberlain Perry
Decker Weeding Kamerer Kerins Perry Ackermann
Next Weekend Kamerer Baran Simpson Ackermann
Decker Garden Chailfoux Chalifoux Van Buren Van Buren
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May 31, 2012 Newsletter

Announcements (courtesy of the unconventional and unorthodox, Paul Conforti)

Announcement from Larry Johnson

C-U Sunrisers, we could use 15 folks for repack at Eastern Illinois Foodbank Tuesday evening June 5th from 5:30-7:30 p.m.
If you would like to invite your spouse, significant other, potential member that would be great.

Announcement from Alan Chalifoux: 

On June 9th, I will be walking against cancer for the team from CU Sunrise Rotary Club (Champaign, IL) which will take part in the annual Relay for Life Walkathon sponsored by the American Cancer Society.  Donations sustain and strengthen the fight against cancer, and they are certainly one of the  main goals of this walkathon.

Donations may be made via the following link…http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLFY12IL?pg=entry&fr_id=37882

…which gets you to the page shown below, then you go to the donate area and enter my name or the team name “CU Sunrise Rotary” (either will accumulate donations to the CU Sunrise club’s total donation)


Joan Dixon (Champaign Rotary) was our guest speaker. Joan is the president and CEO of the Community Foundation of East Central Illinois.


The Community Fund of East Central Illinois is one of 40 such funds in Illinois. The purpose of the fund is to provide direction for philanthropic efforts within the community. The community for CFECI includes the counties of Champaign, Piatt, Moultrie, Ford, Douglas, Coles, Iroquois, Vermilion and Edgar.

CFECI also provides training for non-profit organizations including: training of board members, strategic planning, best practices, capacity building grants, fiscal agency, and the establishment of new non-profit organizations.

In 2011 CFECI distributed $730,773 (the equivalent of $14,000 per week). This from a humble beginning in 1972 with $6,300 in funds.

Core concepts:

Vision: To raise the quality of life throughout east central Illinois.

Mission: To be a major catalyst for long-term philanthropic assistance to the residents of east central Illinois. This is done to realize our vision — to raise the quality of life throughout east central Illinois.

Our Values

Philanthropy: We are a leader in promoting philanthropy in an impartial, unbiased, ethical way, with commitment to inclusiveness. We bring together people and resources to identify and address present and emerging community needs.

Community: We assist other not-for-profit organizations through advisory, consulting and collaborative efforts.
Donors: We help donors satisfy their philanthropic goals. We provide convenient and flexible giving vehicles to serve donors. We believe everyone should experience the joy of making a meaningful contribution to the community.


We use endowments as perpetual tools to provide steady support for charitable needs. We encourage unrestricted endowments because they meet the needs of future generations. We assist communities and organizations in building endowments to secure their continued success. We counsel donors and their advisers to choose a planned giving solution that makes a lasting difference.

Grants and Operations

We make grants based on the greatest needs in the community. We reflect the diversity of our community through our choices of grants, staff, volunteers, programs and initiatives. We select board, staff and volunteers with the talent and expertise required to efficiently and effectively achieve our long-term objectives. We insist on maintaining the highest standards in donor relationships, fund stewardship and promotion of philanthropy.

A very few of the organizations the CFECI has worked with: A Woman’s Fund, Family Services, United Way of Champaign County, CU at Home, Fire and Police Memorial, the East Central Illinois Refugee Mutual Assistance Center.

June 7th June 14th June 21st June 28th
Introductions Ata Durukan Andrew Kerins Patrice Grant Mary Hodson
Invocation Allan Penwell Ed Perry Andrew Kerins Chuck Reifsteck
Greeters Ata Durukan Andrew Kerins Patrice Grant Mary Hodson
Scott Paceley Robb Patton Allan Penwell Ed Perry
Song Leader Barb Lintner BJ Lytle Ben Mast John McDaniel
Notetaker Hodson Lintner Conforti Chamberlain
Decker Weeding Chamberlain Kamerer Kerins Perry
Next Weekend Chamberlain Kamerer Baran Simpson
Decker Garden Johnson Chailfoux Chalifoux Van Buren
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